Who We Are 

Who We Are

Hello beautiful people.

My name is Dr. Chidi.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful children ages 13, 12, and 8 years old.

I am also a Licensed Registered Pharmacist in California. I am a wellness advocate and practice a prevention healthcare model.

In addition, I have a candle company (ScentedBeeswax.com and HushCandlesCo.com), a Skincare line for dry skin that's inspired by Africa and so good for you (Ife-Mi.com) and several blogs about health and life (healthykitchenfoods.com) and special needs (happytobespecial.com). I also love some bling fashion (Blingdenim.com)

But what I truly love and enjoy the most is teaching children about health and wellness. I love to give children the tools they need to take control and maintain a healthy lifestyle without much stress.

The past pandemic and current processed food trends have left our children ignorant about what a healthy diet and lifestyle should be.

With my simple and friendly knowledge-based approach, every child can easily navigate her world and maintain optimum wellness with the basic tools and solid foundation in my courses.

Our Methods:

We embrace an information and facts based approach to health. Since Knowledge is Power, our goal is to Empower kids with the knowledge to navigate their relationship with food and give then the tools to properly care for their body. This results in life long, long-lasting results versus fad diets that aren't effective or sustainable in the long run.

Our Clients:

Our ideal clients are children 10 years and older who are becoming aware of their environment. Parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in this process with their child as a support and as the provider of healthy meals in the home. Together, this process will be more effective and will be a positive experience for everyone.

My Personal Success Story:

My 3 children are now living very healthy lives and I have less to worry about their future. My daughter lost over 15 pounds over a period of 4 months without ever getting on a diet and she has maintained a healthy weight for over 3 years. To this day, she still marvels at the gasps that she receives from adults who knew her as a plump kid. I'm also amazed that she has no recollection of being plump. During her weight loss process, I never focused on her weight, we only focused on giving her the knowledge she needed to love and care for her body. Today, I can boast of having 3 vegan children, who are not afraid to taste meat or cheese once in a while but who choose vegetables instead because they know that their body feels better with better quality nutrition.

When we became vegan in the fall of 2020, we did not just cut out meat, we more than doubled our vegetable intake. One week later, we noticed that we had not needed snacks and that the kids were no longer hungry in between meals. It was heartbreaking to now hear the kids recall how hungry they used to be in school in between meals. I saw my 6 year old experience a major growth spurt and catch up with his peers and my pre-teens continued to grow tall and strong. Nobody looks unhealth or even skinny. Notably, body odor was virtually eliminated! Imagine what that means in a house with active teenagers? That turned out to be the biggest motivator to maintain our healthier diet. With our healthier food choices, our stamina increased and anemia was resolved. My children are now living healthier lives with strong bodies and powerful immune systems that will allow them to fulfil whatever goals they have in life. And I do not need to monitor them as closely because I trust that they are making the right food choices with the knowledge that I have instilled in them.

I teach my children good manners, hard work, kindness, respect, clothe them, give them a good education and put a roof over their heads. I teach them life lessons of all kinds because I love them dearly. In addition, I am proud to say that I have also taught them how to eat smart and live a happy and healthy life!

I encourage you to register your kids today and Empower them. You just may me saving your child's life. Give your kids the gift of a happy body and a stable mental health.

Thanks for choosing a Healthier, Happier Life!

Lots of Love,

Dr. Chidi (and Joshua, Victoria and Ezra)